Hacienda Motel

That whore she left you bloody
On the motel lobby floor
Even though she took your money
You know she needed more

What was she thinking?
I'll just take what I can get
I've got him where I want him
Or should I place a bigger bet?

All the clean lies
That she told herself
Getting ready for that night
All the strings they kept on pulling
Until she couldn't feel how tight
All the mixing and the meddling
As the hit was going down
The naked man was singing
But he didn't make a sound

At last we see the casket
The widow hides her face
Your head was off your body
And your nose all beaten down

As the preacher bowed his head
Two men hardly make a sound
Now they have the city
And a change is coming down

Lady you shot me
I knew it couldn't last for long
Lady you shot me
Now the tent is falling down
Lady you shot me
Now the river is running out
Lady you shot me
My brother knocked me down