Halls of Columbia

You said your work is in the air
Touch me to complete the current of sound
For the bass you sample the wind
Everything is up and nothing is down
Head rock has to vibrate well
Thought symphonies to a machine
Rip up your competitors' synth
With stoned star children waiting out in the hall

Form a line
With your touch
Electric soul
The sound becomes physical
Form a line
Hear your words without speaking
I know, I know

I'm a child you can program me
I can stand up so tall
Take pills like the blue skull says
Rot gut gut rot drink drink gut rot
It's the anthem of a nation to the moon
Jesus calling from a saucer flying below
Touch me in my lonely life
Love song singing from the earth to the moon

Everything is up and nothing is down
Touch me in the line to hear a sound

The colors seen
When you touch
Electric soul
the sound becomes physical
Form a line
Hear your words without speaking
I know

Talk Talk...

The Round

If I look in his eyes I will see no part of me
She will look into mine and wish that she couldn't see
Something that reminds her of a picture, a piece of me
But his eyes aren't mine no matter what they seem to see

She's been stumbling in late after a night in the round
No one knows whose lover she has danced with until the dawn
As the child is screaming he leaves the house to escape the sound
Another night of dancing and others' lovers in the round

As the place starts leaving there's the coldest feeling
And he doesn't want to answer himself
The design was broken
He has spoken
Can't get no pleasure from what she felt

I've got more questions than answers
But that don't mean nothing
My head starts to lower when I walk out the door
She's not my, my lover
The round is thinking that he is my son
She's not no, I never knew her
The man I love I keep down and out
I've got no one to believe, in me
No one to believe me
I keep 'em guessing back at the round
I keep the man I love down and out
The man I love is down and out

Hacienda Motel

That whore she left you bloody
On the motel lobby floor
Even though she took your money
You know she needed more

What was she thinking?
I'll just take what I can get
I've got him where I want him
Or should I place a bigger bet?

All the clean lies
That she told herself
Getting ready for that night
All the strings they kept on pulling
Until she couldn't feel how tight
All the mixing and the meddling
As the hit was going down
The naked man was singing
But he didn't make a sound

At last we see the casket
The widow hides her face
Your head was off your body
And your nose all beaten down

As the preacher bowed his head
Two men hardly make a sound
Now they have the city
And a change is coming down

Lady you shot me
I knew it couldn't last for long
Lady you shot me
Now the tent is falling down
Lady you shot me
Now the river is running out
Lady you shot me
My brother knocked me down

Brother Roland

In the channels of my dreams
All my greatest future hits
I sit down to a plate of nothing
In the pit hole of existence

I know
It's not even a word
My name
It means nothing

I go to die, you're telling me lies
I go to war, like a fool
My cells are shaped, like a moon
All I can do is cry

Can I really sing?
I'm standing three steps from the altar
I'm sitting by the window
As they come looking for my brother

The pusher ain't nobody's brother
All I can do is sit down and cry

A baby is to be loved
I'll watch your baby
I could use the money

Well Well

The machines are breathing
They turn my fashion to songs
The TV is singing to me
A no nature song
The poetry of stained glass windows is gone
The candy wrappers have won
The precision of a metaphysical bomb
Composed by machine

It's my time, I'm on time, I make time
Time is the next thing I will sing to control
I love my time, time, time

The shelves of my memory remind me
Of a drug store aisle
The artificial colors give my eyes a reason to see
What is not to love about my shopping list?
All the beautiful symbols
The impossibilities of time and space
The Eiffel Tower's pure air

I'm just a billboard
You can compose me like an electric song

The Shadow

I saw you in the shadow
It was just a game


So you lean in real close
And you sing a strange note
I've been feeling for a while now
Like you mind is gonna go
I walk into your place
Full of pictures of faces
Your paintings on the wall watch
As you're walking out the door

Trumpets sound as your crowned
on the steps of your apartment
Walking once again down your
In and out ocean
And I just sit in the sound booth
Waiting for the summer to end

As you paint another eye
To watch the falling sky
I've been feeling for a while now
like you'll always be this high
You hear a wondrous sound
As it starts to fall down
The starry sky is falling to the sea
I tell a joke to it

Lady Luck

Written by Richard Swift

Staged Names

Wandering out the door like a man
Without any reason
Survey the lawn
see a patch that needs more water
It looks like a dead one
Start to dig down underneath
That dead patch of grass
You hit something hard
Feels like the grave has been emptied
The sprinklers are panning

Kneel to the ground
Feel down for the head
You hear a bone crush
Your hand is gone

Candyman is gone again
It looks like you missed him
Playing a tune
You penned before your death
Your death release date
Hear him singing
You were dead
For a while
Now you're born again
Like a certain Lady Luck
Coming out of a cave

I go out every night
I go all alone
If I hear your singing voice
I will take him home

When you have the man
That you were caught down in your basement
Chain him up
Make him sing all your old songs
Just so you can axe them
Hear him singing
Jingle bread and dollar songs
And you crush them under your
Little broken thumb
And your name will be a new one

Window Sill

Do you know what I see when I look at you?
Golden boy with everything to lose
You take these songs right out of my brain
There is nothing left to tell me
What makes me sane

So I jump off the window sill
There is no one but me will kill
The songs in my head they will never leave
They'll stay with me, until they die with me

Someday we'll all be free
In my eyes you'll see no jealousy
The closer I get to you
I see what you've done and are going to do
I remove the glass and the songs don't get to you

Santa Rosa

Diamonds in my pocket
Shaking like a leaf
Saying goodbye

Dancing through the sky
The guitar is still in the car
Twenty miles outside of town

Checking out the show
The desert is where I'll go
Diamonds came down
From the sky